About Us

At Global Citizen Tours, we believe that the key to a better world is compassion and respect with a deep interest in and understanding of different points of view. We believe our students are the future leaders of the world, and to be successful, they must experience other cultures in this increasingly interdependent society.

Pablo, a global citizen who has lived in different countries and loves traveling, is passionate about immersive experiences to learn languages and understand different cultures. He has Spain in his heart. His parents, born and raised there, instilled in him a love for the vibrant Spanish culture. He has traveled to Spain throughout his life, and he can cook a mean paella (ask him about Spanish cuisine at any time!). With many years of experience in Business Development and Administration, Pablo has taken care of every aspect of the Global Citizen experience: from airfare to accommodation and everything in between.

Pablo and his team created Global Citizen Tours so that any student dreaming of learning Spanish and experiencing life in Spain can do so affordably and safely through this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.